Title: The Nine Thousand Vowels between L and S
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1,570
Content and/or Warnings: * Fingering, Edging *
Summary: He can only babble, random words like "fuck" and "yes" and something that might be "please" in a world where it has nine thousand vowels between the l and the s.
A/N: For @aislinntlc. Thank you for everything, and hope you enjoy this little birthday present. Many thanks to eeyore9990 for the preread.

The Nine Thousand Vowels between L and SCollapse )

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28 June 2013 @ 07:12 pm
So, when Canada made marriage legal for all, [personal profile] batdina asked me via email (we were living in diff countries), and I told her to fuck off...

Asking me via email was rude, after all, and I told [personal profile] batdina that when she finally called me...

[personal profile] batdina says "clearly I was raised in a barn." And I didn't disagree...

But tonight... when I asked "will you," [personal profile] batdina said "yes". She's clearly smarter than me. \o/ And I had the decency to ask in person :)

It's legal here now, after all.

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10 April 2013 @ 04:48 pm

The world is the less for losing Greg Kramer. He was an amazing renaissance man: actor, writer, playwright, punk...

We met him first as Screed in Forever Knight.

And once upon a time in Toronto, at a signing for his book, [personal profile] batdina and I showed up with one book to be signed. And when he said "only one", we said that we were together, and he gave us the best and brightest smile ever. And we talked and came out of it feeling like we'd made a friend.

RIP Greg... we'll miss you deeply
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Because the universe loves to laugh at me, I can't even apply for US citizenship until this July. Even if I sent in my application the very first day, here's no way on this green earth that my application will go through and I'll be sworn in as a citizen by November of this year.

And, damn it, President Obama (and the democratic party) finally found their balls and took a controversial stand for human rights. And, don't kid yourself, no matter how watered down it seems, his statement about same-sex marriage is controversial.

Hell, it doesn't even matter how I personally feel about the decision to make same-sex marriage an election/queer rights issue or about getting married. In the end, that choice should be mine, not that of some fucking legislator, judge, or bigoted voter.

So, if you're an American citizen and you're inclined to vote for President Obama to be re-elected, register to vote and do it!

If nothing else, do it for me, because I can't. Yet.

Damn, I miss being able to vote (and yes, [personal profile] batdina, this means that I'll get off my fucking ass and do it, because it looks like we're staying in this country).
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16 October 2011 @ 09:37 am
For those very few of my flist who haven't seen it, I can't say enough good things about Zachary Quinto for coming out and for his reasons why.

Between him and Sean Maher coming out in Entertainment Weekly last month, I'm full of pride for how brave the queer community is.
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12 October 2011 @ 02:44 pm
At this point, I'm both sad and angry, hurt and infuriated.

I'm not going to repost the original comment that I deleted. However, for the record, commenting on my National Coming Out Day post that "all this sexuality bullsh*t is just one stupid distraction" among other things and essentially telling me not to come out about sexuality in my own journal is homophobic in my book.

I left the anonymous comment on the IJ entry, but froze comments after my reply. I am deleting the email asking me to tell her what I think of her (assuming it is a "her" which I don't know for sure).

My journals are a safe space. I do not and will not tolerate homophobia in my journals, or for that matter bigotry of any sort. Anyone who tries it will be banned whether he/she is responding to one of my posts or to a comment on one of my posts.
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12 October 2011 @ 08:14 am
This journal is a Bigotry Free Zone.
11 October 2011 @ 09:03 pm
It's National Coming Out day, for those of you who don't know.

At this point, I think I've been out so long that I haven't a clue where the closet is or whether it even has a door any longer.

I don't think about it so much that it may be possible that some people out there don't know I'm queer.

Bisexual, actually, although in a long-term relationship with [personal profile] batdina who gets me in ways that none of my other partners ever have, so I don't plan to ever let her go.

But, yeah, bisexual not lesbian, no matter my current relationship or an old friend's joke that I'm omni-sexual.

I land somewhere right in the middle of the Kinsey scale, I'm sure. Attracted to the androgynous since before I knew that word even existed. Fey boys in make-up (Bowie back in the day, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam Lambert) and butch girls who don't wear make-up (kd lang, y'all, owned my crush for years).

Like others, I came out in fandom (outed myself on a mailing list bare days/weeks after I'd told [personal profile] batdina that I wanted to keep things on the downlow until I was ready). After that, it was pretty clear that I'd already lost my way back to the closet.

For anyone who sees this and who is struggling right now, things really can work out and be wonderful. Just love yourself, because you're worth it no matter what your sexuality.
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Whee... I've been published again!

A while back, I got an email from ravenna_c_tan (aka ceciliatan) inviting me to write a story for an erotic anthology in her Magic University universe. At that point, I'd read the first book, The Siren and the Sword but not the rest. By the time I got to the end of book 2, The Tower and The Tears, I knew exactly which story I wanted to write.

Of course, then I had to persuade ravenna_c_tan to let me write the back story for two of the professors (and by inference one of the protaganists) in her universe. Luckily for me, she not only agreed but filled in the pieces of canon (like Frost's original first name) that I needed for my story.

And, best of all the anthology, SPELLBINDING: Tales from the Magic University, published by Ravenous Romance, is now available! There's slash, and femslash, and even het in this anthology - something to suit almost everyone's erotic fancy.

For a taste of what you'll find in Spellbinding, click here to read Iphis's PriceCollapse )

If you enjoyed my story, check out the Magic University books and the other stories in the Spellbinding anthology now available from the following outlets:
Ravenous Romance

Kindle Store

Barnes & Noble NOOKStore

All Romance eBooks


Also, look for more sneak peeks at Tales from the Magic University on your flist/circle. Sarah Ellis (ellid) posted Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves yesterday, and ravenna_c_tan will be posting a second story tomorrow.
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25 October 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Actually, it not only gets better, but it is better.

Some days, I want to be 20 again. I want to be strong and proud and out, the way I wasn't then but I am now. I want to be 20 and queer and have the guts to stand up to the homophobes and the critics and kiss the girlfriend that I didn't have back then in public the way I was able to kiss the boyfriend I did have (and wasn't always sure I wanted).

I envy Adam Lambert that. I'm glad he's out there kissing boys and reminding people that we get to do it in public too, reminding those who are scared that it is possible to kiss a boy (or a girl) in front of other people, queer or not, and survive the experience, the harassment, the bullying.

If we all keep on waiting for it to be safe to kiss our boyfriends and girlfriends in public, then it will never ever happen. Because the homophobes aren't going to turn around and say, "You know, i was wrong; it's okay to do that. I'm not going to hurt you or hit you or call you names. I'm not going to get you fired or discharged or humiliated or sent to prison."

It's only okay when we all do it. When we all kiss our lovers in public. When we hold hands and stand together and tell the homophobes to go fuck themselves.

I'm not 20 any longer, but I have [personal profile] batdina, my girlfriend, my partner, my lover.

We'll have been together 15 years in February. We've mostly decided that we don't want to get married. That fight's for someone else.

Being with her has cost me friends and, probably, a brother. My stepfather wants nothing to do with me, but my father and my grandmother have made it clear that they love me and care for my partner. My 90+ year old grandmother even stood up to my stepfather for me.

Once upon a time, we broke a law and could have gone to prison for having consensual, loving sex in a hotel in Louisiana.

Once upon a time, I was bullied and called names and had my parents reading my mail because they were determined to stop me from staying in contact with a girl who'd found the courage to tell me that she loved me.

Once upon a time, I spent a little over seven years working towards the right to stay in this country while friends married their heterosexual lovers and got them green cards in a fraction of the time. I still get emails from friends who want to know how I did it, because they or their lover or someone they know's lover is desperate to find a way to stay in this country and not have to endure the hell that can be a cross-border, long-distance relationship.

Some of these things are better now. It gets better, and it is better.

I do my best not to let anyone push me around these days. Although sometimes, the wrong words from a friend or a stranger can be a punch in the gut that brings up memories of bullying and hateful words and threats from my parents and leaves me crying and angry and wondering how to react.

And the few times that I don't stand up, because I worry about losing a friend or just can't deal with the fallout that day, I feel a little sick and a little as if I've betrayed my 20-year-old self and all the other young queers out there who are working on finding the courage of their sexual orientation.

It is better, but it still needs to get better. And every single person who identifies as queer -- gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex -- who stands up and horrifies someone by holding hands in public or kissing in public or demanding to be allowed to enlist openly and freely, or to marry, every single one of those people is making things a little bit better for the rest of us every single day.
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